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SG Wheat Color Sorter

SG provides two types of wheat color sorters: Chute-Type color sorter and Belt-type color sorter. Chute-type is an economical sorting device, and there are 12 different chutes available for various wheat sorting scales. Belt-Type has a wide sorting range comparing to the chute-type. The sorting machine may also work in light products such as sesame.

SG Wheat Color Sorter

Wheat Color Sorter chute-type


Wheat Color Sorter is also referred to as Wheat Optical Sorter in the wheat processing industry, or Wheat sorting machine in the breeding industry. It is widely used to separate the foreign impurities such as sands, glass, and mildewed seeds from the wheat mix. It also quickly assist seeds experts in picking out healthy seeds. SG is committed to providing an affordable sorting solution for wheat sorting partners.

Wheat Color Sorter Applications

• Pick Out Strong Seed
• Remove the foreign impurities
• Grade the wheat into different classes

Which Color Sorter is Right for You?

Below, SG offers two types of color sorter solutions to fit your needs:
1. Chute-Type Color Sorter: It is an economical way to remove the impurities and mildewed seeds with 1 to 12 different chutes. The Machine can sort any types of wheat and the sorting accuracy is Not less than 99.9%.
2. Belt-Type Color Sorter: Belt color sorter has a wide sorting range. It not only works for wheat, but also for other agriculture products, especially for light grains. Click Here to Learn More

Why Trust Sortex Rice Color Sorter ?

SG Developed the First Color Sorter in China
20 Years Manufacturing Experience
2 Years Warranty and On Site Installation

More Details

SG Optical Sorting Equipment, also called optical sorter, is a vertical color sorter machine with four chutes. It sorts and classifies grains and some industrial products based on their optical properties.

In Agriculture, most farm and food processing factory use the optical sorting machine to separate the fine grains from the original mix. For example, it is widely used to sort rice, wheat, tea, coffee, and other corps.

The optical sorter is also allowed to separate plastic from many color mix. It can automatically recognize the size, color, and shape information according to initial parameter settings.

SG optical sorting technology improves crop quality through the sorting process, which gives farmers and food processors a higher sales profit. It can also save a lot of human sorting costs.

SG Optical Sorting machine has four times sorting ability than a mini color sorter. It may separate two to twelve tons of grains per hour due to different types of sorting objects. The Sorting accuracy is close to 99%; that means the machine can pick out almost good grains in one sorting process. The carryover rate(good: bad) at the first sorting exceeds 10:1; the percentage in the second time will reach 80:1.

Sorting Mode

SG Optical Sorting Equipment has two regular sorting modes: Normal Mode and Reverse Mode. Both sorting methods are suitable for grains sorting. Normal Mode is better for a mixture containing a lower proportion of impurities. But Reverse Mode is ideal for mixtures with a higher percentage of impurities.

Optical Sorter is suitable for a wide range of agriculture products. You may check more details in below tablet.

There is a single-layer structure design. SG optical sorter has four chutes in a row, and each chute connects to an individual sorting unit. Every sorting group can work independently; This modular design reduces the risk of the machine completely failing at the same time. In other words, it increases the stability of the mechanical performance.

A 10” color panel makes the operation more efficiently. All parameter settings are integrated into the visual operating platform. After finishing the first set, the data will be remembered, and just one key can start up the machine.

Besides, Network Link technology makes it possible to control the machine remotely. Through cloud technology, color sorter can update software programs on time.

SG Optical Sorting Equipment is a complete optical sorting system which consists of several major components. Many individual systems must work together to complete the sorting process.

Feeding system
Feeding System is designed to give all material an average speed, and it ensures every object can fly into the image acquisition area.

Identification System
As a core part of the color sorter, the identification system needs to record the optical information of all materials. The non-compliant objects are then found by aligning this optical information and set parameters.

Rejection System
The sorting system consists of auxiliary fittings, finished tanks, jet valves, air compressors, and filters. Pneumatic nozzles come standard with nearly 200 nozzles, caliber only 2-3mm, high resolution, long life, and precise injection.

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