Tea Optical Sorter with 4 Sorting Units

Sorting RangesGreen Tea, Black Tea, dehydrated vegetables, herbs, dried flowers,  other leaf products
Accuracy(%)≥ 99.9
CarryOver Rate(Good: Bad)≥ 15 : 1
Working Voltage(Vac)220v/50hz , 110v/60hz, 220v/60hz, 110v/50hz
Rating Power(KW)2.4 – 4.5
Air Consumption(L/min)< 5400
Dimension(mm) (L*W*H)2500x2740x2820

SG ST4 Tea Color Sorter is a high-precision tea sorting Machine with 4 stages of screening units.

The Machine is designed to quickly remove the impurities and bad leaves from the original mixture.

It has a sorting capability of 350~400kgs/h and the precision of one sorting is 99%.

It is not only suitable for a variety of teas, including green tea and black tea, but also for dehydrated vegetables, herbs, dried flowers, leaf products and so on.

SG ST4 Tea Color Sorter has multiple stages of structure, which can support tea leaves grading.

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SG Tea Optical Sorter


SG ST4 Tea Color Sorter has two functions: Quickly Remove the impurities and Classify the Tea into various grades. It can screen 350~400kgs of tea leaves per hour with 99.9% sorting accuracy. The screening result of the machine one day is equivalent to the workload of a worker for one month. So it will be your best helper to reduce your screening costs and increase your productivity.

SG ST4 is easy to operate because it has a visualized operator interface. You can easily make parameter settings. Meanwhile, you can control the machine via your smart devices such as mobile. Besides, it is free and convenient for you to get operating technology training from the manufacturer.

SG ST4 has two different structures to fit different sorting request: ST4V1-6A and ST4V2-6A. Both of them have 3 pieces of positive sorting units and one reverse sorting unit. The three positive sorting units are in a row, and the reverse sorting unit is put on the other side. ST4V1-6A has reverse sorting room at the second stage. However, ST4V2-6A has a sorting room at the bottom. You can check the image as follows.

Both types of SG ST4 Tea Color Sorters have different Applications even though they have the same sorting capability. The Reverse sorting room in the ST4V1-6A would screen the rejected tea leaves from the first stage of positive sorting unit. While the reverse sorting room in the ST4V2-6A would screen the rejected tea leaves from the second stage of positive sorting unit.

It is this structure that SG ST4 color sorter classifies the tea while excluding impurities in the tea.

Sortex Group has also done a great deal of effort in improving the performance of ST4 Tea Sorting Machine. On the one hand, we have extensively adopted international top-level accessories to improve our hardware stability;

on the other hand, our engineers have been constantly updating and optimizing our software. You can choose to upgrade our software for free via the internet. SG’s color sorter can work longer than other color sorters offered by other manufacturers.

Besides, Sortex Group provides over 2-year Warranty for this kind of Color Sorter. Meanwhile, provide low-cost accessories supports. Contact Us right now!

TypeST4  Chute Color Sorter
ApplicableBlack tea and Green tea
Sorting Accuracy(%)99
Optimized Carryover(Bad: Good)>15:1
Voltage(V/Hz)220v/50hz, 110v/60hz, 220v/60hz, 110v/50hz
MW Power (KW)2.4-4.5kw
Air consumption(m3/min)<5400
CameraToshiba brand advanced Full-Color Camera CCD with 6000Pixel
ColorTri-chromatic RGB(Red Green Blue)
lensNikon brand customized the industrial lens
CoreIntel and ATI brand DSP, FPGA and chips
Power supplyMean Well brand power supply
DisplayAdvantec brand display
Touch screenNEC brand touch screen
FilterSMC brand
Valve1 Billion times High-Frequency 8 Solenoid Valve
HeaterChutes are equipped with a heater
No. of cameras24
Operation systemThe advanced windows operation system, big data cloud brain
Human interfaceColor LCD Touch Screen for human interface
Wireless Internet connectSupport
Remote controlDiagnosis, debugging and software upgrading
LED sourceHigh luminance, low power consumption, 5k hours long life
No. of High Accuracy Speed  Ejector Valves1536
Camera Operation Lines/Sec12000times/sec
Valves Make & Max. Operating Frequency1200HZ+
Valves ON/OFF Response Timewithin 0.05-0.1ms
Nozzle Port Size4.75mm
Software supportColor Soring and Shape Sorting
Dimension(mm) (L*W*H)2580x2740x2830
PackagePlywood case
CertificationCE, ISO

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