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Sortex Tea Color Sorter

Sortex tea color sorter can help you quickly remove the tea stems, tea seeds and other impurities in the tea. The Multi-layer structure makes it easy to screen and grade the tea at the same time.

Sortex Tea Sorting Solution

Sortex Tea Color Sorter is well known in the tea processing industry. Most tea gardens and tea processing plants in Southeast Asia use our color sorters for tea screening and grading. Whether it is regular black tea and green tea, or valuable tea varieties like Longjing, Biluochun, Maofeng, Pu’er Tea etc., all these needs to be screened in the process of making tea. Tea leaves become brittle during the drying process.

In addition to being able to remove impurities, Sortex tea color sorter avoids the problem of manual damage caused by blade breakage. What’s more, it can pick out the fine tea leaves and grade them according to their Color Difference.

Sortex Color Sorter can screen 0.5 ton of tea with single chute and single sorting accuracy is closed to 99.9%. The multi-layer color sorter is capable of simultaneous screening and grading. The top-level screening unit can perform a rough selection. The bottom screening unit can finely screen the rough tea leaves to complete the tea grade screening.

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