SG2 Sortex Machine

Sorting RangesRice, Grain, Seeds, Beans, etc
Accuracy(%)≥ 99.9
CarryOver Rate(Good: Bad)≥ 10 : 1
Working Voltage(Vac)110 – 380
Rating Power(KW)0.5~0.8
Air Consumption(L/min)< 1800
Dimension(mm) (L*W*H)1239×1705.3×1827.9

Pure Grains, Better Grains

SG Sortex Machine is a high-precision color sorter machine that is mainly used for small-sized materials sorting. It has a wide screening range. You can find it anywhere in the industrial field, agriculture field, even the food processing field. For example, you can use it to clean and classify the grain seeds such as rice, beans, wheat, pulses, and other little materials.

SG Sortex Machine has two chutes, which means it has double sorting capacity than Mini Color Sorter. Its sorting capability is about 1 ton of rice in an hour with 99.9% sorting accuracy.

SG Sortex Machine is easy to operate. Because it remembers 20 different sorting plans, and you just push a button to start the sorting process. Choose SG Sortex Machine to save your labor cost.

Advantages of Sortex Machine


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More Details About SG Sortex Machine

SG Sortex Machine is a high-precision sorting device that separates the proper materials from a raw mixture according to the color information. 


You can find it used for various small-sized materials, including rice, tea leaves, pulses, small stone, and even coffee beans.Sortex Machine


SG sortex machine helps large farm pick out the proper products from the original mix. For example, Most Farmers use rice color sorter to separate the excellent rice from the rice mix, which can improve the quality of rice and raise their selling prices.


In food processing companies, it is ideal for nuts and seed sorting. For example, you can use it to pick out nut fruit from the broken mixture. Also, it helps to remove sands, broken cover, and other impurities. 


Using sortex machine can save you 99% labor cost comparing to traditional human sorting. 


Structure & Performance

SG Sortex Machine has two chutes, and each chute is an independent sorting unit, so its sorting capability is about twice than mini color sorter.

The machine sorts 1 to 6 tons of raw materials depends on their types.  

Sortex Machine Structure

Generally, the sorting accuracy close to 99%, and the carryover rate(good: bad) exceeds 10:1. SG sortex machine has better performance, no matter efficiency or accuracy. 

In Southeast Asia, the farmers usually SG sortex machine to separate the finished rice after rice milling. It can screen about 1 ton of fine rice in an hour.  

High Light Features

Chute Options – SG sortex machine accepts customization. You can choose a matched size for your sorting requests. For example, devices with 1 to 12 chutes are available.


Two Sorting Modes SG Sortex Machine has two regular sorting modes: normal sorting mode and reverse sorting mode. Both modes are used for product sorting.


Normal sorting mode is better for a mixture containing a high proportion of impurities. But the reverse sorting mode is suitable for mixtures containing a lower percentage of the impurities.


If used in conjunction with the elevator, we can use different sorting modes on the same color sorter twice. 


How does sortex machine work? 


SG sortex machine recognizes and detects the objects according to their reflected light information. You can see the whole process as a sorting system, and it requires the cooperation of various accessories.

The entire sorting system can be divided into four basic systems/steps. They are

– Feeding system

– Photoelectric System

– Electronic System

– Rejection system


The feeding system enables the objects to enter the sorting area evenly and at the same speed. It consists of feeding hopper, vibrating feeder, and two chutes. 

Feeding System


Photoelectric System collects color information of the objects by cameras. SG Sortex machine features two rows of 5700pixels lens from both the front and back sides. So it can catch the whole images of the objects. 

Optical System 

During this process, it needs other accessories, including LED light, background plate, and more. The LED light provides a stable source of light for the image acquisition process, which reduces the color deviation of the material reflected light.


The electronic Control System translates the optical information into electric information and analysis the electronic signals. And then, it sends an order whether to reject the objects to the rejection system. 

The electronic control system consists of signal conditioning components, timing components, and microcomputer control systems.


The rejection system receives electronic signals from the previous process. When it is a rejection order, the rejection system will start and release the compressed air to change the direction of the objects.

Rejecting System 

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