SG FAQs Page will solve all problems with the color sorters. All these questions are original from our real customers, we collect them and give an exact answer. If you are going to buy a color sorter, this guide will help you.

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1. What are color sorters?

Color Sorter, also called color sorting machine, or optical sorter is a precision sorting machine that separate the materials by their color difference.

The color sorter has a wide range of applications. For example, it can be used for agriculture, the food processing industry, and plastic recycling industry, etc.

In agriculture, you can find it pick out the strong seeds, or separate the fine materials.

For more details, you can find more description from color sorter definitive guide.

2. What the common materials are color sorters used for?

Color sorter can remove foreign materials and unwanted materials from sorted materials. Different materials may have different applications. You may find it is widely used to the materials below:

  1. Rice
  2. Grain
  3. Beans
  4. Nuts
  5. Shrimp
  6. Pepper and chili
  7. Tea and coffee beans
  8. Salt and other rocks

3. What are the types of the Color Sorter?

Machine Types are important for you to choose suitable machine.  Generally, you can divided the machine into several categories based on various standards. Here there are three different standards for your reference.

  1. Single Stage VS Multiple Stages
  2. Chute-Type VS Belt-Type
  3. CCD Color Sorter, NIR Sorter and X-ray Sorter.

Single stage color sorters are benefit for simple sorting process, for example, rice sorting, grains sorting, you just want to remove the impurities and other unwanted materials. They have a big color difference. You can get final wanted materials after once sorting or twice sorting.

Belt-type is designed to fit light or fragile materials, because the transfer belt will catch the material carefully, and would not destroy the shape.

Last, CCD color sorter, NIR sorter, and X-ray sorter are different because of they use different cameras.

CCD Cameras could catch the color different of materials’ surface, and they have a good color catching capability. So this is the common cameras we uses in most industries.

NIR cameras can also analysis surface color difference, but it is more sensitive for infrared light, so this machine may have lots of special usage. For example, you can use it to separate PET from ABS.

X-ray, as we know, it has a perspective feature, so it is also very sensitive to inner construction. It also has their special use scenarios.

Generally, our CCD color sorters could solve 95% sorting tasks in agriculture.

4. What are the Piexels size of the Cameras?


5. What are the advantages of Color sorters?

There are three basic advantages in our mind.

  1. High Precision

The sorting precision can reach over 99.9% for once grains sorting. If you use multiple sorting, and the precision may be close to 100%.

  • High Effective

Based on 99% precision, one chute color sorter can process 1 ton of rice in a hour.

  • Wide Application

Every color sorter may work on multiple products. You can use it to sort almost seeds, not only the beans and grains, but also nuts.

For many industries, sorting work is very difficult because there is not any good idea to separate unwanted materials from original raw materials.

For example, Coffee Beans Processing, over toasted beans and low toasted beans is hard to remove, and this will affect the quality of the coffee beans. However, colour sorter make this work easily. You can use the color sorter to remove stone, the stem, hunk and bad beans from green beans.

The color sorter may also help you remove over toasted beans and low toasted beans. You just preset a wanted color range, and the machine will do following sorting work.

6. What is the working principle of color sorter?

7. Can Color Sorter be attached with USB/ Computer for data record or transfer?

Sure. It can use USB memory disc to input the data.

8. Is there any cover on the chute to prevent materials jumping?

Yes. Normally we will use a acrylic board because the acrylic cover prevents the materials jumping off the chutes.

9. Can your color sorter be connected with wireless internet to your smart phone or Ipad?

Exactly Yes.

10. How do you prevent the dust releasing when we use color sorters?

  1. First we have an automatic deducting system; And then the color sorter should work together with other machines, and the whole system should contains a dust removing system.
  2. By the way, not all materials need dedusting system. For example, rice, coffee beans. Both them do not deducting system. You should consider your materials and decide whether you need a deducting system.

11. Is there any difference for color sorter in different countries?


For different countries, they may have different rated voltage, and we will confirm the voltage before production.

12. What factors do I need to consider before buying a color sorter?

First you should decide whether you need a color sorter. AS we know, the color sorter will recognize the colors, but sometimes it does not work. To solve this problem, you must check with SG supports at the beginning.

You can discuss with SG to make a small sorting test. Normally SG would ask for a sample image when we receive an inquiry. Most of the time, SG engineers will tell you the final result when they see the images.

However, sometimes they can not give you an exact answer at once. Then a tiny test will tell you whether you need a color sorter. You can send sample materials to SG, and we will arrange the sample test, and tell you the sorting result. Then you can make the final decision.

The second thing you need to consider are features. There are some factors you must pay attention as below:

  1. Sorting Capacity

Almost customers know this problem, and the capability is really fixed for a color sorter. You just tell SG support, they will provide a reasonable machine for you.

However, if you consider the multiple processes on a color sorter, then the capability will change.

For example, the quinoa(a kind of wheat). It is hard to pick out all wanted materials in once sorting. You need to twice sorting, then the color sorter will be divided into two parts, first sorting and second sorting and the first sorting process will decide the sorting capability.

  • Precision
  • Takeover Rate.

Takeover rate will affect your waste. You will need fewer takeover rate when machine is suitable for your requirements.

13. What are the language on the display screen?

The interface can display over 10 different languages. Normally the machine support English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Dutch, etc.

14. What size of the raw materials that color sorter can sort?

SG color sorter can recognize the 0.04mm2 color block. One more problem is, the color sorters are ideal for solid materials.

Even though the machine can separate almost dry materials, but it still not work on a intertwined materials.

Last week, we received a package of plastic shaving sample. They each are entangled with each other. The color sorter may analysis the surface color, but finally we have no idea to separate them.

15. How to operate the color sorter?

All SG color sorters have a visible interface. It is easy to set the parameters according to your request. You can ask for a operation guide book online.

But SG has a friendly service. We will preset many sorting solutions based on your current materials and store them in the machine, you can choose a suitable solution and do a tiny change for each real materials.

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