SEMI Sorter

Model SG1 SEMI
Chutes No. 32
Product Output(KG/H) 500-800
Sorting accuracy(%) >=99.9
Optimized carryover >=10:1
Weight (kg) 150
Minimum identification 0.03
Power(KW) 0.3
Power supply(V/Hz) AC220/50

Affordable Color Sorter Starts One Piece

SG SEMI Sorter is widely used for grain cleaning and grading. For example, it separates the excellent rice after rice milling. However, there is a little different from traditional rice cleaner. The machine not only removes light defects like dry grass and stickers but also works better for heavy things such as sands, colorful rice, and more.

– Removes the defects according to color difference;

– 500kgs sorting capacity per hour;

– 99.99% sorting accuracy with a 1% takeover rate.

SG SEMI Sorter is practical for small farms and small grain processing factories. It helps to improve your rice quality and increase the sale price.

Why Choose SG Color Sorter?

  • Pre-stored Sorting Schedule, Easy to Operate;
  • Well Assembled Machine, No Need Installation;
  • Customized Color Sorting Solutions;
  • One-Stop Sourcing;
  • 1 Years Warranty;
  • Complete After Sales Services;
  • Excellent Color Sorters With Competitive Prices;

SG SEMI Sorter is our tiny color sorter, and it has only half the sorting capacity of the mini color sorter. The machine handles 500kgs of various corp seeds per hour. It helps to remove the detects and get a better grain.

SG SEMI sorter is a high precise sorting machine. It removes the defects according to color difference. For example, it can separate specific color things from a mixture that contains green, black, or other color things.

That is a significant difference from traditional grain cleaner. You can use it to pick out specific color things.

SG SEMI Sorter has a wide sorting range in the agriculture field. Here is an incomplete sorting list for your reference:

Melon seedsPumpkinChiaBlack beans
Chana DalPoppyBarleyCoffee beans
MyotoninRapeseedRyeRed beans.
RaisinLotus seedOatsMung beans
Pigeon peaBuckwheatMaizeBroad beans
SorghumMusk rosePaddySoybeans
MaizePepperCherryWhite beans
Grazing seedsMilletGritzPeanuts
LinseedQuinoaCorn flakesWheat
Sunflower seedsLupineCowpeas
SafflowerFlaxseedLima bean
CorianderLentilsKidney bean
TamarindChickpeasCastor bean
WatermelonPeasPattern beans

Besides Color Sorting, it also handles shape sorting. Shape Sorting helps you find the same size things. This feature is ideal for broken things sorting.

If you’d like to learn the working principle about the color sorter, you can click and find detailed instructions here.


Don’t Miss This Affordable Color Sorter.


SG SEMI Sorter is an ideal and precise grain cleaning machine for a small farm and corp seeds processing factories. It is not necessary to do much setting and read many installation instruction specifications.

– No Need Complex Setting;

– No Need Professional Installation.

It can remember ten different sorting schedule forever. You can tell us your grain types, and we will set 10 sorting schedules. Then, When you use this machine, you turn on the device and do a little accuracy setting.

SG SEMI Sorter only takes you around $8000, but it can work well for 5 Years, at least. Contact us and inquiry about this machine Right Now!


FAQ: Some questions you may be interested in


  1. What is the difference between SEMI sorter and Mini Color Sorter?

Answer: SG SEMI Sorter is designed for small farms and small food processing work plant. Their noticeable difference is sorting capacity. SEMI sorter has only half the quantity of sorting units of the mini color sorter.

  1. What’re your raw materials?

Answer: Almost Corp seeds such as Soya bean, rice, sunflower seed, dehydrated vegetable, raisin, UPVC, mung bean, wheat, peanut, dehydrated garlic flakes, chili seed, pet, red bean, maize, almond, dehydrated carrots, coffee bean, HDPE


  1. What’re your channels?

Answer: 32

  1. What is your warranty?

Answer: ONE Year. It can work well in 5 years. We also provide related accessories, then if you want to update the machine.

  1. What’s the delivery time?

Answer: About 10-20 days after deposit paid.

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