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SG Plastic Sorting Machine

SG Plastic Sorting Machine is designed to remove the impurities and separate the plastic by color and types in a fast way.

  • Integrates 20+ different Sorting Plans to suit various types of plastic sorting;
  • Sort out Plastic Flakes, Plastic Pellets, Bottles By Color and Types;
  • Over 20+ Year Design and Manufacturing Experience to create stable performance;
  • CE Approved
  • Affordable Price Starts from Only 1 Unit.

12+ Plastic Sorting Machines Suit Your Capacity Demands

SG plastic color sorter is primarily suitable for plastic flakes and plastic pellets’sorting. It can classify plastics in a variety of colors, such as red, blue, and yellow and more. Sortex Group provides 12 different sorting capabilities to suit your plastic sorting requests that match your production scale.

single layer Belt-type Plastic Sorting Machine
Belt-Type Plastic Sorting Machine can separate plastic flakes and pellets.
Double layers Belt-type Plastic Sorting Machine
Double-Layers Structure allows Color & Materials Sorting at the same time.
Mini Plastic Sorting Machine
One-Chute Plastic Color Sorter separates 1.5 ton of plastic flakes per hour.
2 Chutes Plastic Sorting Machine
Two-chute Plastic Color Sorter separate 3 ton of plastic flakes per hour.
3 chutes Plastic Sorting Machine
Three-chute Plastic Color Sorter separate 4.5 ton of plastic flakes per hour.
Plastic Sorting Machine with 4 chutes
Four-chute Plastic Color Sorter can be widely used to medium plastic processing plants.
Plastic Sorting Machine with 5 chutes
Five-chute Plastic Sorting Equipment may sort 7.5 tons of plastic pallets per hour.
Plastic Sorting Machine with 8 chutes
Eight-Chute Plastic Sorting Machine are suitable for large scale plastic processing.
  • Why Sortex Was Trusted By 200+ Customers

    • Top 2 Manufacturer of Color Sorters in China On the 100,000 Square Meter Manufacturing Center and about 500 Staff. Sortex Group is able to provide complete Ranges of Color Sorting Machines includes Belt Type Color Sorters and Chute Type Color Sorters.
    • 20 Years R&D and Manufacturing Experience Sortex Group can develop and manufacture our own CPU boards independently. All Control Programs are designed and optimized by our R&D Team, So we can provide Customize Services as well.
    • CE and CSA Approved All Regular Sortex Color Sorters have been approved by Shanghai SGS Testing Lab According to CE and CSA Standards. Most Models have worked in 26+ countries for many years.

Plastic Sorting Machine

SG Plastic Sorting Machine, also called plastic color sorter, is designed for plastic and recycled plastic sorting. It is not only used to sort the shredded, granulated plastics and PET flakes but also to handle larger objects, such as PET bottles.

It quickly removes impurities from plastic mixtures and classifies plastics by type and color. For example, it can pick out blue PVC from light blue PTC materials.

  1. Remove Metal, Paper, Dust and other impurities from the plastic mixture;
  2. Separate opaque from transparent Plastics;
  3. Sorting Objects contain all types of plastic such as PVC, PET, HDPE, LDPE, and PP.

SG Plastic Color Sorter installs a 10” of the visualized touch screen. Meanwhile, all SG plastic sorting machines integrate 20 different kinds of sorting plans in order to suit various types of plastic.

Besides, this plastic sorting equipment integrates with an intelligent self-learning function that makes the operation quite simple and easy.

As a professional Plastic sorting machine manufacturer, Sortex Group has a complete and mature plastic optical sorting technology that ensures optimum performance, long service life.


  • Chute-Type Plastic Color Sorters;
  • Belt-Type Plastic Color Sorters;
  • NIR(Near-infrared) Plastic Sorting Machine;
  • X-Ray Plastic Sorting Equipment.

Belt-Type Plastic Color Sorter

Graphic 1: Belt-Type Plastic Color Sorter

Optical Sorting equipment is ideal for waste plastic recycling

SG Chute-Type Plastic Color Sorter, sometimes it is also called CCD Color Sorter by technical experts. It can sort out three color material one time.

It has a great feature – Chute. The Sorted Plastics must go through the chutes before entering the sorting cabinets.

Due to the limit of the channel’s width, it can only be used to plastic pellets and plastic flakes.

SG Chute Plastic Sorting Machine has a 1X ~ 12X different sorting capacity to match your processing demands at 98% sorting accuracy.

Chute-Type Plastic Sorting Machine

Graphic: Chute-Type Plastic Sorting Machine

It adopts two individual sorting cabinets with the full-color sensor, which can sort out three color material one time.

SG Belt-Type Plastic Sorting Machine is widely used to irregularly shaped plastic flakes and large plastic bottles.

This kind of plastic sorting equipment also uses optical technology to sort and classify plastics.

Belt-Type Plastic Sorting Machine

Graphic: Belt-Type Plastic Sorting Machine

X-ray Plastic Sorting equipment is ideal for PET bottle separation, separate the PVC and other bottles from PET bottle


NIR Sorting equipment is ideal for PET and PVC flake separation

NIR Plastic Sorting Machine is capable of identifying polymer materials by type. This device distinguishes and sorts plastics by the difference in infrared emitted from different plastics.

Therefore, it is possible to effectively distinguish all types of plastics.

Key Accessories:

Vibrator: The vibrator ensures that the plastic flakes or plastic particles enter the sorting cabinets evenly, which will prevent the plastics from overlapping each other.

Chute OR BeltChute Chute or Belt is media that gives the target plastic the same speed, which helps the identification system and rejection system accurately position the plastic.

Camera:High-Revolution Industrial cameras can mark plastic color and shape information. This is the basic to separation.

CCD Sensor: Read and identify the color information of each plastic flake and plastic bottles.

CPU Board: CPU Board is a data conversion system and it consists of various CPU Parts. Each little CPU part has a special function.

EjectorsEjectorIt is an execution device. After receiving the instruction of the CPU board, the movement track of different plastics is changed by opening or closing the spray valve to achieve the purpose of separation.


How does plastic Sorting Machine work/ Working Principle

Belt-Type Plastic sorting machine working principle

Graphic 6: Belt-Type Plastic sorting machine working principle

The working principle of all SG plastic sorting machines are similar and it can be divided into two different processing: Identification Processing and Rejection Processing.

Now we take an example to explain the process using separate PVC Flakes from PET Flakes.

Identification Processing: Both PVC and PET flakes are first imaged when raw plastic material entering the plastic sorting cabinet.

Integrated CCD Sensor will read their color information and mark PVC flakes color as X and PET flakes’ color as Y.

Meanwhile, the color information will be transferred into electronic signals and be passed to Rejection processing.


Rejection Processing  

After receiving the information from the identification system, the ejection system will be activated. When receiving the X signal, the CPU reacts quickly and issues an instruction to change the PVC flakes path.

This command is passed to the valves. The CPU integrated into the valves positions the PVC plastic and opens the nozzle to release compressed gas in time to change the movement of the PVC flakes.

Under the action of the external force of PVC flakes, it will escape the original movement track and enter the new acceptance basket;

When receiving the Y signal, the movement track of the PET flakes remains unchanged and continues to slide down to the original acceptance basket, thereby completing the sorting process.

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