Optical Sorting

Optical Sorting is an automatic and high-precision sorting, classification, and impurity removal solution based on the optical characteristics of solid materials. It is more effective to sort solid materials with a diameter of 0.1mm to 100mm.

How Does A Optical Sorting Machine Work?

SG optical sorting machine is automatic equipment that uses the reflected light of the material to identify and sort the material. The whole sorting process needs three different systems to work together: Optical System, the information processing system, and rejecting system.

The built-in optical lens first collects the reflected light of each object.

And the information processing system then analysis and identify the color, shape, sizes, and even the physical structure and chemical composition of the material through this reflected light. By comparing with the initially set parameters, the materials within the preset parameter range and the materials beyond the preset parameter range can be located.

Finally, these materials can be separated from each other by changing their motion path.

SG has developed three different optical systems: CCD camera system, NIR camera system, and X-ray system.

The CCD camera system can capture visible light information on the surface of the material. Through this information, the optical screening machine can quickly analyze the color, size, and size of the material. In our daily production process, this optical system is the most widely used. It can be applied to almost all agricultural seeds, including rice, corn, various miscellaneous grains, etc.

The infrared optical system can capture and recognize the infrared light information of the material, which is invisible light. We know that the wavelength of infrared light emitted by different materials is different. According to this characteristic, our infrared camera can identify the material corresponding to the material. This will make it easier to identify materials by material. In daily life, it has a wide range of uses. For example, when we make nuts, it can be used to separate the nuts and shells; in the field of recycled plastics, it can be used to screen specific materials of plastic.

The last one is an X-ray optical system. X-ray has a strong penetrability ratio. Just like a doctor takes an X-ray film, the X-ray optical system can irradiate all materials with X-rays. Through the X-ray film, we can quickly read the structure of the material. In this way, the granular materials that do not meet the requirements are eliminated.

Sorting Cases of Color Sorters

plastic flakes
Recycling Plastic: Separate the Plastic Flakes into different colors.
Nuts Sorting: Remove the impurities and separate the fruit and husk.
Beans: Remove Impurities and pick out good beans.
Tea Leaves: Separate the leaves into different parts based on color, sizes and shape.
Sweat Candy: Separate the candy into different colors.
coffee beans
Coffee Beans: Remove over roasted beans, impurities, and pick out full beans.

Optical Sorting Creates Wide Sorting Possibilities

Color Sorting Solution
You’ll get any colors of solid materials you want, and remove unwanted materials.
Shape Sorting Solution
You’ll get a kind of solid objects that have same or similar sizes and shapes.
Type Sorting Solution
You’ll get a kind of material with same type, for example pick out PET flakes from recycling plastic flakes.
Comprehensive Sorting Solution
Some materials are difficult to separate by a simple solution. You’ll combine color sorting, shape sorting, even type sorting.

SG Offers A Complete Range Of Optical Sorting Machines

SG1 optical sorter
Item No.:#SG1
Sorting Capability:0.5~ 1.0ton/h
Sorting Precision:99.9%
SG3 optical sorter
Item No.:#SG3
Sorting Capability:1.5~ 2.0ton/h
Sorting Precision:99.9%
SG5 optical sorter
Item No.:#SG5
Sorting Capability:2.5~ 3.0ton/h
Sorting Precision:99.9%
#SB600 Optical Sorter
Item No.:#SB600
Sorting Capability:0.5~ 1.0ton/h
Sorting Precision:99.9%
#SB1200 Optical Sorter
Item No.:#SB1200
Sorting Capability:1.0~ 1.5ton/h
Sorting Precision:99.9%
X-ray Sorter
Item No.:X-ray Sorter
Sorting Capability:0.5~ 1.0ton/h
Sorting Precision:99.9%

Frequently Asked Questions

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