Separate Nuts Fruit and Broken Shells
In a Fast Way!

Nuts Color Sorter

SG Nuts Color Sorter is an intelligent sorting machine. It will automatically remove the impurities and separate the fruit and outer shells in your harvest nuts. You can save lots of human sorting costs and time.

  • Custom Any Sorting Capability According To Your Requests;
  • Suitable For A Variety of Nuts Like Cashew, Peanuts, Walnuts, and Others
  • 14 Months Limited Warranty For Free;
  • CE and CSA Approved.

Many Nuts, One Sorter

Sorting through millions of nuts would be an impossible task for human workers. The quality of the output would also be very inconsistent since humans are prone to error. By using an SG nut color sorter, you can avoid those problems and get a high-quality, properly sorted result.

SG nut color sorters utilize high-resolution cameras to quickly classify different types and qualities of nuts. You simply set various visual parameters to get the desired output.

Our machines also come standard with one set of Near Infrared (NIR) cameras that provide high contrast pictures of the nuts for best accuracy. For nuts with shells, an X-ray camera can be installed to penetrate the shells, allowing quality control without the need to deshell.

Our rejection system has a 99% accuracy rating and high levels of throughput. This means you can sort many nuts efficiently and effectively.

We offer small to large sorting machines with two main designs: Belt-type and chute-type machines. The correct type will be chosen based on the characteristics of your nuts. In general, you will be using chute-type machines.

Unsure of what you need? Simply contact us via e-mail to start a discussion with our highly experienced team. Read on below to learn more about what SG Sortex machines can do for you.

Boost Your Business with SG Color Sorter

Cashew Color Sorter
No matter cashew fruit only, or complete cashew seeds, SG nuts color sorter will separate them easily. You can also ask the machine to separate the cashew seeds into complete sizes, half sizes, and broken sizes.
Peanuts Color Sorter
Peanuts color sorter can find out 0.01m2 of color difference. It is more effective to remove impurities and moldy fruit. The farm often uses it to clean foreign objects like stem, sand, glass, etc. During the deep processing phase, it helps separate the peanuts into full sizes, half sizes, and broken sizes.
Walnuts Sorting Machine
Walnuts Color Sorter is often used to quickly and precisely pick out fine walnuts fruit after the cracking. Belt-type construction will reduce the rate of drop damage. If you want to get more full fruit, you need to choose a soft conveyor belt. SG is providing a variety of color sorters with 1.2 ~ 15 ton/h sorting capability to meet your sorting request.

Premier Nuts Sorting Specialist

SG will provide you with a one-stop solution, from the design and manufacturing of the optical sorter to the hands-on operation, we have a complete process to ensure that you receive the most economical solution.
Removes the Impurities
SG color sorter can recognize color differences of the different materials through a CCD camera. Then it will remove the impurities by air ejectors.
fruit and shells
Separate Fruit and Shells
SG Nuts Color Sorter uses a row of NIR cameras to collect Infrared images of fruit and shells. By analyzing the images, the color sorter will easily separate the nuts fruit, and shells.
Online Support Service
Grade The Nuts
If you want to get full nuts with good color, the equipment will help to pick out the nuts.

Buy SG Nuts Color Sorter, Start From One Unit

Experienced Manufacturer
SG offers color sorter since 2001, and you can custom a premier optical sorting machine for any seeds with different capabilities.
Retails Friendly
Business starts from One Piece, you can enjoy a one-stop sourcing service of the color sorter and related accessories.
Excellent Services
On-site installation and commission, teach you how to operate hand by hand. You also enjoy the 24hx7 online trouble-shooting service.
Maximum Uptime
SG Optical Sorter will work 24hours per day, and it will offer an excellent sorting solution for you not less than 10 Years.
Long Life Warranty
SG offers a 14-month limited warranty for free. You can also contact us to purchase an extra warranty in the first year.
Cash Return
You and your friends will get cash return after they place order with us. Contact us to get more details.


Can we buy ONE piece directly from your side?

Sure, as we said on the website. Besides,
1) There is not any change for your after-sale services like on-site installation and commission even if it is one piece order.
2) The price is also competitive because we control the production cost from the origin side.
3) We will actively seek agents in the local area to provide better after-sales service.

What about the free on-site installation and warranty?

1) It is 100% free for the first time. After installation and commission, we will help to assist in
troubleshooting through 24 online services.
2) We will organize the engineers for installation and commission within in1 week when the machine arrives you.
3) Free after-sales service includes fitting, commission, operation training, and troubleshooting, and working online time services.

Warranty: Free accessories support in 2 years.

Any Difference between color sorter and cashew cleaning machine?

Color Sorter can replace the cashew cleaning machine. The most obvious difference is that the color sorter can remove moldy materials.

How can I become your agent at our local?

1) 20 pieces of machine at least per year;
2) Need come to China for One Week Technique Training Every Year.
3) Provides Supports to our current customers at local according to an agreement.

What is your payment term?

For regular order, we accept 30% deposit + 60% before shipment + 10% on-site.
For agent order, we accept negotiation.

Contact SG Right Now


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Nuts Color Sorter: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


1.Why should I use a color sorter for nuts sorting?

Sorting good nuts from bad by hand is unfeasible because of the quantity.

Color sorter machines can do the job of hundreds of humans per hour. It sorts nuts with high accuracy, efficiency, and minimizes wastage.

Our clients see a full return on investment in as little as 1 year. They often see a reduction of labor costs and maximized nut yield.


2. How do nut color sorter machines work?

After inputting raw material, the sorting machine uses cameras to take pictures of the material. The on-board software classifies it and sends signals to the rejection system. The rejection system will eject unacceptable materials while allowing good ore to go through. The sorted output can then be further re-sorted to minimize wastage.

To learn more, please visit our Definitive Color Sorter Guide HERE.


3. Which type of color sorter is appropriate for my nuts?

The selection is based on the mix of nuts you are sorting. We offer two types of sorters: Belt- and chute-type machines.

  • Chute-type color sorters can only be used for small, uniformly shaped ores of 1-400mm size.
  • Belt-type color sorters are better for large and/or irregularly shaped materials.

We have prepared a questionnaire that will guide you in choosing the right machine and accessories. Click HERE to download it. Submit it to our email at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you within 12 hours.

4. What nuts can I sort with color sorting machines?

To get the best idea, let us know via the questionnaire above and we can advise suitability. Otherwise, please see our full list HERE.

5. Should I use a stainless steel or metal color sorter?

We recommend using stainless steel sorters as they are food-safe material. Normal metal may experience corrosion.

6. How many cameras do you use for each color sorter?

Our standard color sorters come with two CCD cameras per chute. NIR color sorters have an added NIR camera. Additional camera types such as X-ray cameras can be installed depending on your needs.

To learn more about our cameras, click HERE.

7. What is the resolution of the color sorter camera?

5700 or 6000px. They capture 18000 pictures per second.

8. Do I need to buy additional accessories for the color sorter?

Our machines ship with a hopper, output pipes, and toolkit. You will need these additional accessories:

  • Air tank
  • Air compressor
  • Air dryer
  • Elevator system
  • Platform

These accessories benefit from local suppliers due to transportation costs and warranty coverage. However, if you prefer simplicity, you can source all of the above from us directly.

9. Do you have covers for the color sorter chutes?

Yes, our chute-type sorting machines ship with acrylic covers that reduce dust coming from the chutes.

10. How do I clean my ore color sorter?

Simply use compressed air to clear out dust. You may have to do this regularly to maximize efficiency and reduce wastage.

11. Are your machines certified?

Our machines are CE-certified for European standards, and CSA-certified for American standards.

12. What are the important tech specs to know when buying color sorters?

Color sorters seem like complicated machines, but they’re very simple. Before purchasing one, you should know what throughput, accuracy, takeover/carryover ratio, and air consumption.

  • Throughput: How much material it can sort per hour
  • Accuracy: How accurate the cameras are
  • Takeover/carryover ratio: The ratio of good vs. bad material in the final output
  • Air consumption: How much air the machine needs to run properly

Click HERE to learn more about color sorter accessories.

13. I’m convinced. How do I order a color sorting machine?

Email us at [email protected] with your filled-out questionnaire to begin the ordering process.

14. Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we offer shipping via sea freight to any country. You can arrange for pick up from a nearby seaport or opt for door-to-door shipping.

15. How long does shipping take?

Upon order confirmation, sorting machine production takes about a week. Shipping then takes 7 days to two months after that for arrival to your local port.

16. How do I set up the color sorting machine?

We include installation and a first-time visit free of charge as part of the purchase fee. You need only pay for the flights and rooms for our technicians.

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