Separate Fine Nuts & Grade Them
In a Fast Way.

Nuts Color Sorter

SG Nuts Color Sorter is an intelligent sorting machine that automatically removes the impurities from the nuts mixture in the harvest phase and deep processing phase. It will help farmers or nuts processing companies quickly pick out the fine nuts or nuts fruit.

  • Sorting Capability is around 1 ~2 Ton/h;
  • Suitable for a variety of nuts like cashew, peanuts, walnuts, and others;
  • Five Years Warranty;
  • CE and CSA Approved;

Boost Your Business with SG Color Sorter

Cashew Color Sorter
Cashew color sorter is an intelligent Nuts sorting equipment, and it is designed to quickly pick out the fine cashews or cashew fruit during the harvesting and processing. Sometimes, the cashew sorting machine is also used to clean the foreign objects to replace existing cashew cleaning machine. The difference is color sorter can remove the mildewed cashew. Currently, there are eight different types of sorting capability to meet small, middle, or large sorting requests at Sortex Group. Contact us for more details right now.
Peanuts Color Sorter
Peanut Color Sorter can sort the nuts with 0.1 ~ 4.0cm diameter. So it is not only suitable for peanuts, but also beans, seeds, and other solid materials. The farm often uses it to clean foreign objects like stem, sand, glass, etc. During the deep processing, Peanuts sorting machine can also be used to pick out full peanuts fruit and separate them into several grades. Typically sorting capability is 1.8 ~4.2 ton/h. If you are engaged in the production and processing of peanuts, do not miss this machine.
Walnuts Sorting Machine
Walnuts Color Sorter is often used to quickly and precisely pick out fine walnuts fruit after the cracking. There are two different types in SG: Single Layer or Double Layers. The double-layer the machine may have a better accuracy: the first layer removes most impurities like broken nutshells, then the second layer pick out the delicate fruit. Sortex Group is providing a variety of color sorters with 1.2 ~ 15 ton/h sorting capability to meet your sorting request.
multiple function Nuts sorting machine
Almost nuts have similar features: Hardshell wrapped solid fruit. So they all need to be cracked first and then pick out the fine fruit for deep processing. Multiple Functions nut sorting machine separates the fruit mixture through two modes at the same time. They are: “shape sorting“and “ color sorting.” This design is helping to clean the broken shells and other foreign impurities precisely. Meanwhile, “color sorting” can also find out the 0.01mm2 tinny mildew spots. Tell us your request right now.

Your One-stop Solution

SG will provide you with a one-stop solution, from the design and manufacturing of the optical sorter to the hands-on operation, we have a complete process to ensure that you receive the most economical solution.
Color sorter Manufacturing
Design and Manufacturing
We will comprehensively evaluate your sorting range and production requirements to pre-set screening options for your machine while also selecting the right machine type. In addition, we offer custom coatings and LOGO printing for free.
Each model machine and related accessories are available in professional shipping packaging. At the same time, our logistics department can provide various forms of transportation for you to choose from, so that you can receive the goods promptly. We can also provide logistical support for other accessories.
Online Support Service
Setup and Commissioning
According to the agreed arrangements, we will dispatch technicians for on-site installation and performance commissioning as soon as possible and make sure you receive every color sorter that works.
Operation Training
Operation Training
We will organize operation training for free once you receive the machine. Operation training is a complete set of practical training, including proper operation, maintenance, and repair of the machine, and troubleshooting. Our technicians will hand over these techniques to you.
Setup and Commissioning
24/7 Online Support Services
In addition to technical training, our technicians also provide round-the-clock remote technical support. They can help you quickly find and solve problems. In addition to this, we also offer accessory support with a 2-year warranty.


Experienced Manufacturing
SG developed China's first color chute optical sorter. Since 2001, we have provided color sorting machines for the Chinese market. These machines have significantly changed the quality of Chinese agricultural products like rice, grains, beans, and seeds, and have ensured the safety of Chinese food.
Maximum Uptime
SG rice and brown sorting machines have been used in the Southeast Asian market for more than ten years. Every day, we select high-quality agricultural products for people from different regions. Improvements to the SG machine are still in progress, and its performance will become more stable.
Intelligent cloud technology
With intelligent cloud technology, you can remotely talk to the machine and manage its operations. At the same time, intelligent cloud technology can help the machine to troubleshoot.
Excellent After-sales Services
The after-sales service of the SG is seamless. We will hand you the ordinary machine and teach you how to use it. In addition, we will also provide 24X7 online service to keep your machine running.
Flexible Warranty
2-year warranty, unreserved technical support, and complete accessory support. We have considered this kind of problem for you.
Small MOQ
Our order starts with 1 unit. No matter what the order quantity is, there is no discount for our after-sales service.


Can we buy ONE piece directly from your side?

Sure, as we said on the website. Besides,
1) There is not any change for your after-sale services like on-site installation and commission even if it is one piece order.
2) The price is also competitive because we control the production cost from the origin side.
3) We will actively seek agents in the local area to provide better after-sales service.

What about the free on-site installation and warranty?

1) It is 100% free for the first time. After installation and commission, we will help to assist in
troubleshooting through 24 online services.
2) We will organize the engineers for installation and commission within in1 week when the machine arrives you.
3) Free after-sales service includes fitting, commission, operation training, and troubleshooting, and working online time services.

Warranty: Free accessories support in 2 years.

Any Difference between color sorter and cashew cleaning machine?

Color Sorter can replace the cashew cleaning machine. The most obvious difference is that the color sorter can remove moldy materials.

How can I become your agent at our local?

1) 20 pieces of machine at least per year;
2) Need come to China for One Week Technique Training Every Year.
3) Provides Supports to our current customers at local according to an agreement.

What is your payment term?

For regular order, we accept 30% deposit + 60% before shipment + 10% on-site.
For agent order, we accept negotiation.

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