SG10 Food Sorting Machine

Sorting RangesRice, Grains, Tea, Nut, Bean, Plastic and other materials
Accuracy(%)≥ 99.9
CarryOver Rate(Good: Bad)≥ 10 : 1
Working Voltage(Vac)110 – 380
Rating Power(KW)0.5~0.8
Air Consumption(L/min)< 8000
Dimension(mm) (L*W*H)3759.2×1709.9×1827.9

SG Food Sorting Machine

SG Food Sorting Machine is a single layer color sorting machine with 10 chutes. It is designed to screen and evaluate small size mixture according to the color difference. It can be used to sort rice, grains, tea, coffee, beans, and dried vegetables with a CCD optical sensor. It is widely applied in Agriculture, food processing industry, mining industry, and garbage recycling industry, etc. The Machines have been approved by CE and CSA.

SG Food Sorting Machine’s sorting capability is around 4 to 25 ton/hour according to types of material. And the sorting accuracy is more than 99.9%. Besides, the carryover rate (bad: good) is more than 10:1. The Working Voltage can be customized depends on the practical voltage at local. An optical color sorter is a machine with photoelectric sensors helps to sort different color granular particles. The process of color sorting mainly done with a feeding system, signal processing system and an optical detection system. SG Optical Sorter can easily detect the size, color difference, and shape through the basic RGB sensor. The CPU will analyze processing volume and accuracy in color selection.

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Food Sorting Machine

SG Food Sorting Machine, also called Optical Sorting Machine, is a kind of regular single layer sorting and grading machine which contains 10 different chutes.

The Sorting Process operates on the difference in optical properties of foreign material.

SG Food Sorting Machine is designed to separate the fine grains from the raw product mixture.

Through this process, you will be able to get a fine grade of products.

SG Food Color Sorter is widely applied to various industries such as agriculture, Food processing industry, mining industry, and garbage recycling industry, etc.

SG Food Sorting Machine has three basic indicators to measure its performance: Sorting Capacity, Accuracy and Carryover Rate.

It can select 99.9% of the premium product leaves from the Raw Mixture at one time.

Meanwhile, It diagnoses and eliminates the impurities we don’t want.

The Carryover Rate (Good: Bad) is more than 10:1 and Sorting Capability maintains 4 to 25 tons depends on different types of materials.

SG Food Sorting Machine screens materials from three angles: color, shape, and size. The image captured by the CCD camera can record the RGB information.

This RGB information is the basic information to determine whether the material meets the requirements.

SG Food Sorting Machine can accurately determine the size, color range and shape of the material through this information.

By matching or comparing with RGB information products selected or eliminated.

All SG Food Sorting Machines have two different sorting modes: Normal Sorting and Reverse Sorting.

Both Normal sorting mode and the reverse mode are used to separate good product from the raw mixture. But there is a little difference between these two modes.

Normal sorting mode is suitable for materials with a small proportion of impurities and defects.

However, the reverse sorting mode is better for the materials with a large proportion of impurities and defects.

Because SG Food Sorting Machine is a single layer color sorting machine, it just processes sorting with one mode at one time.

SG optical sorter has 12 chutes. The Chutes are used to ensure raw material arrives in the Image acquisition area at the same speed.

Meanwhile, It can also control sorting capability because the flow rate of the material is at the specific range.

The more chutes it has, the more materials it can sort at the same time. In order to avoid the materials escape the chutes, we would add a transparent plastic cover on each chute.

How does SG Food Sorting Machine work?

SG Food Sorting Machine consists of 10 main components and they work together as a complete sorting system.

First, the Raw product mixture drops down from the Material Hopper and passes through vibratory feeder then enter the chutes.

And then, At this step product captured by the CCD high revolution Cameras.

Above all the sensor mounted on the back of the cameras will analysis images and send a message of acceptance or rejection to chip processor.

Finally, ejectors would release the compressed air and change defective product’s motion track to separate them from the fine product after receiving rejection signals from the chip.

  • SG color sorter uses highly reliable CCD camera and best-LED light source.
  • It provides maximum accuracy level, large production capacity, and lower carryover.
  • Fast mass data processing
  • To ensure the quality of your product we provide technology for diagnosing, debugging and maintenance.


Material Hopper

SG Food Sorting Machine’s material hopper is made of #304 stainless Steel that is food-grade materials.

#304 stainless steel can touch food directly according to CE and CA65 standards.

Vibratory Feeder

Vibratory Feeder on the Optical Color Sorter has two functions.

It ensures the quantity, sorted objects pass the chutes evenly.

On the other hand, it also allows all objects to fall to the chute in a single layer.


The Chutes determine the exact destination of the object. Plenty of raw mixtures drop from the vibratory feeder and are divided into 64 different routes along with the chutes. Because the length of the chute is fixed, the cameras can easily catch the products and take photos.

CCD Camera with High Revolution Sensor

High-Speed CCD Cameras takes photos for the fast-moving products and High-resolution sensor quickly and exactly recognize the defects.

LED Light

The LED light provides a constant cold light for imaged products. The light installed in front of the shooting area to improve the quality and sharpness of the image. SG adds a cold LED light, which helps to identify the products.


After receiving the digital signals from the CPU, the ejectors respond quickly and release the compressed air. The air will sort rejected or accepted products and movement routes. The air separates the bad or good grain from the raw materials. SG selects a powerful and precise nozzle with 4.75MM port size for color sorting.

Air Compressor

Air compressor provides a constant pressure of compressed air and the air force usually used to provide power to eliminate the rejected objects.

It always needs to work together with the air filter, which can extend the life of the machine. Because the impurities in the air can clog small nozzles and render the machine unusable.

SG Food Sorting Machines have been approved by CE and CSA authorized companies.

Meanwhile, we provide a lifetime warranty. They can be delivered with wood boxes to avoid any damage.

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