Do you know what a color sorting machine?

Do you know whether a color sorter can help improve your quality of grains?

Here is a guide who briefs you what you need to consider before buying color sorter.

Well, today I want to make the whole process simple for you

But now the question arises how?

Keep calm and read this guide, by the end of the guide you will definitely be an expert of sorting equipment.

Question 1, What is the color sorting machine?

Color sorters are electronic machines which are used in the agricultural industry and food processing industry to separate defected items from the raw material.

1.1 How many types of Color Sorting Machines Available in Market

There are different types available in the market especially in China you can check the below list:

  1. Grain color sorter
  2. Rice color sorter
  3. Tea color sorter
  4. Coffee beans color sorter
  5. Wheat color sorter
  6. Peanuts color sorter
  7. Soybean color sorter
  8. Plastic color sorter

Grain color Sorter

Always keep in your mind all the grains are the best source of carbohydrates and also enriched with a variety of vitamins and minerals

Grain color sorting machine is based on a multipurpose sorting technique to sort the products accurately with maximum yield ratio.

Different grains need to be sorted like rice, beans, spices, and peanuts etc.

Grain color sorter is used just before the packing process of the product, its vision based system helps to diagnose rejected material and capture by the bichromatic camera.

Ejectors help to escape the fine and rejected material with the high air pressure.

Rice Color Sorter

Rice is a very important part of kitchen ingredients and is used in the number of recipes. The main thing you need to keep in your mind each type of rice has its own taste, size, structure, texture and specific properties.

To get fine quality rice we need to process by rice color sorter if you want to get more information about please continues reading:

How types of Rice affect the quality of rice color sorter

Different types of rice are available in the farms and market but to understand rice sorting process in details then read about some technical terms.

Terms Used in rice color sorting process
  1. Hull- Every particle of rice is covered in a tough layer which is called hull or husk. All rice types need to remove this outer layer before use.
  2. Bran- It’s another layer under husk it is not recommended to be removed before use. It may have reddish or black pigment. When rice faced rice sorting process bran layer may be removed.
  3. White rice- After removing the bran and husk the part of rice appears is called white rice it is mostly consumed during the rice color sorting process.
  4. Germ- It is found under the hull layer with high nutritional elements like vitamin B, minerals and proteins.
Types of Rice

Rice is normally differentiated in three specific varieties like Short grain rice, long grain rice, and medium grain rice.

Rice color sorter helps to get fine quality rice separate all type of black rice, husked rice, and stones.

High-resolution CCD cameras help to remove impurities to improve the quality of the rice


Tea Color Sorter

Tea color sorter is based on micro distinctive technology which helps to identify the defects of tea leaves and flakes according to the size, color, and shape.

If you are using double-sided sorting machines it will help you to get double amount of sorted solution with a high level of accuracy and low level of damage rate.

Plastic color sorter

You can sort all types of plastics by color sorting machines, two types of separation normally held in the plastic color sorter.

Recycled plastic normally used yellow, black, red and white color in a way you should choose blue, green and other appropriate colors.

You can also apply the sorting process to the ABS, PP, PET, and PC, to regulate the processing plastic color sorter used cloud computing, online upgrades etc.

Wheat color sorter

Wheat color sorter works on the principle of contrast difference technology it helps to sort dark color impurities from the raw material.

You can say it’s a type of grain color sorting machine in which you can sort wheat grains like other grains.


Question 2, Working Principles of Color sorting machines

2.1 How does tea color sorter machine work?

Tea color sorter is working with the high definition CCD camera, Update technology helps to operate the machinery easily.

On the first step tea particles, leaves or flakes can be inserted by hopper and transmitted by the vibrator smoothly.

Tea particles arrive at ejector by high air pressure, also the design of electrical integration making the process easier.

Tea color sorter consists of bridge type material with very low noise, high vibration frequency helps to sort uneven products easily.

You can experience a broad sorting chamber can solve partial tea sorting cases accurately it helps to maximize the output and reduce the damage rate of tea particles.

2.2 How does rice color sorter machine work?

Initially, rice processed in a milling plant where the sorting process starts from the production line.

Rice boiled at specific temperature then dried and separate husked, shelled and black rice.

After that rice is taken to the rice color sorter machine.

Now Rice is taken to the rice color sorter machine, rice travel by elevator into the hopper,

At very next step rice will flow down to the color sorting chamber by chutes where CCD cameras and sensors detect the undesired particles.

The camera allows the rice grains to move in ejectors, the nozzle is also attached at the end of the ejectors to pass out highly compressed air.

This air helps to move the defected particles and separate from the raw material, normally in rice color sorter common types of defects are black tipped rice, chalky, yellow and immature rice.

2.3 How does grain color sorter machine work?

All the process of sorting is approximately the same as rice color sorting machine works but here is a prominent difference it converts light or photo signal to the electric signal.

Signal strength helps to detect good or bad products, but keep one thing in your mind adjust signal strength precisely otherwise the product particles get great damage.

Exceeded electrical signals compelled the fine particles to move in the defected particles path.

Question 3, How to install A Color Sorting Machine

After getting your desired color sorting equipment, you need to face the main problem that is the installation process.

Approximate every manufacturer help to install the machinery and give a training session for troubleshooting.

In a way, things become simpler, but in case if your seller did not offer installation and training session then what things you need to keep in your mind.

Accessories of the color sorting machine

You never install your machinery if you don’t have the proper knowledge about accessories and tools so keep focus and read this chapter.

There are different tools and accessories which you need to add in color sorting equipment.

  • Air compressor
  • Nozzles
  • Gas storage
  • Tool handling equipment
  • The Elevator

Every tool has its own worth in the sorting process especially the elevator helps to input the material into hoppers.

Different steps you need to follow during the installation of color sorter

  • Receiving the color sorter from manufacturers
  • Unpack the color sorter package carefully because a little bit of damage will disturb the whole process of sorting.
  • Count the additional tools to make this sorting machine easy to use.
  • Place color sorter on the metal stand it may be on a railing or on a hard
  • The most important thing which you keep in your mind the outer material inlet accurately placed with corresponding inlet pipe.
  • Color sorter fitting rings must be reliable to fix the frame conveniently.
  • Electric installation is the risky part of the installation you need to follow to avoid any type of injury or damage.

Precautionary measures during the electrical installation of color sorter

  • Color sorting machine needs to be fixed on frames to avoid any type of balance issue during the installation.
  • Air compressor should be installed close to the machine
  • Three phases should be prepared to avoid any type of electrical jerk.
  • Length of pipes must be 10m, it can vary but according to the practical scenario.

Note:  Installation without training can be very dangerous it may lead to some mechanical defect or you may face physical injuries.

Never take the risk on your life and contact any reliable company which always provide installation and customization facility.

What is the benefit if you choose any expert for installation of color sorting machine?

Having an expert to sort your problems is not a big deal; fortunately, color sorter experts are 24/7 available to provide their services.

If you choose an expert to install your machine then you will get different benefits like:

  • Specialist professional will help you to choose the best installation method
  • He is responsible to manage all type of conditions
  • He prepared all precautionary measures before electrical installation and mechanical installation.
  • An expert helps to reduce the risk of personal injury

Question 4, How to Find Right Sorting Solutions?

For you to buy reliable color sorting equipment you will need to find a well-reputed manufacturer.

However, finding a trustworthy color sorter manufacturer can be a drastic problem.

But don’t worry, I am here to break down some simple steps you can follow and get the best sorting solution

4.1 Research the details of color sorting manufacturer

Now you have first step search the color sorter manufacturers and get the information about how many types of color sorters available.

Secondly, check the types of color sorting machine and details of every type of color sorter.

Most importantly check the location and address of the company and also take an estimate of the price.

You need to check the additional facilities provided by the specific sorting company like installation guide, customization, and troubleshooting.

Confirm all additional facilities are free or not.

B2B sourcing platforms

You can get very precise information about color sorting equipment from Business to Business sourcing platforms.

The first platform I want to share with you is where you can enter your search term and find the precise information about the specific product with a short description.

This is the place where you can find different variety of agricultural equipment and electronic machinery.

This is the most popular platform where you can search for different sorting equipment like optical color sorter, grain color sorter, tea color sorter, tea processing machine and coffee color sorter etc

No doubt we want some price estimation before buying any product and also looking for some reviews and feedback about the relevant product.

Don’t waste your time just visit

4.2 Enquire about the color sorting machines Reviews

Before getting any product we want to get enough knowledge to understand the proper working efficiency of that product.

So spare some time to check the reviews of the color sorters from different platforms like Amazon

Question 5, Why Sortex is the Best Manufacturer of Color Sorters in China

Sortex group is a very reliable leading company of China which is totally dedicated to developing high-quality color sorters to classify very small size materials.

They also provide a very precise color screening solution to sort different materials according to the color difference.

Sortex group provide repairing and maintenance additional facility to their customers not only at the time of installation also on a weekly basis.

  • Signal indication is a very powerful feature which helps to indicate any type of work action.
  • Shutting down the color sorting machine help you to drain the unnecessary things
  • Cleaning of the chutes, ejectors make the performance of color sorter far better.
  • Sortex provides deep cleaning facility with the air gun like you cleanse your hopper, feeder, a vibrator with an air


I’m hopeful that you are now able to get the best sorting solution according to your requirement.

As you see it can be very difficult, irritating and energy draining process to sort your products without any reliable company.

The most important thing in this guide is to help you deciding reliable color sorting machines manufacturers who are the experts of sorting solutions and helps to install, customize and troubleshoot color sorting machines.

Once you get one like sortexgroup to trust me you will be relaxed to sort any type of granular particles.

After reading this guide if you have any question then doesn’t worry and feel free to contact Sortex support.