SB640 Electric Sorting Machine

Sorting RangesRice, Grains, Tea, Nut, Bean, Plastic and other materials
Throughput(KG/H)≤ 500
Accuracy(%)≥ 99.9
CarryOver Rate(Good: Bad)≥ 10 : 1
Working Voltage(Vac)110 – 380
Rating Power(KW)0.5~0.8
Air Consumption(L/min)< 1000
Dimension(mm) (L*W*H)974.2×1550.0x1399

Sortex Electric Sorting Machine

Sortex Electric Sorting Machine, also called Track Color Sorter, is a kind of single layer intelligent screening machine with horizontal transfer belt. It is designed to sort and grade any corps and industrial products with a small diameter. Especially it is an ideal sorting solution for light, irregular, fragile materials.

The most intelligent solution with CCD camera processing system sort different material in the electrical properties with Sortex Electrical Sorting machine. The photoelectric technology detects the defective material and sorts them automatically to improve the quality of the product.

Normal and reverse sorting model is used to classify the good and bad products from the raw material according to the color and shape differences. Sortex  Electrical sorting technique provide you one mode of sorting at the same time for your convenience.

The three metrics of Sortex Electric Sorting Machine are sorting capability, sorting accuracy and carryout rate. The sorting capability is 1.2~6ton per hour depends on the nature of the material. The sorting accuracy is close to 98% approximately and carryout rate (good: bad) is over 15:1.

Why Sortex Electric Sorting Machine

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Electric Sorting Machine


Sortex Electric Sorting Machine is a kind of Belt type color sorter. It is designed for corps and other industrial products with a small diameter. Sortex Electric Sorting Machine features a horizontal transfer belt. And it needs to use the conveyor belt to transport the materials that need to be screened. It is not only used to sort regular shapes materials, but also an ideal sorting solution for light, irregular, fragile material.


The Belt transport is one of the biggest features of this color sorter. The track is made of high density PVC. Its surface is textured with lines that ensure that the material moves along the track, and during this process, the objects remain relatively stationary and do not collide with each other.


Sorting Capability is about 1.2~6ton per hour depends on materials types. The capability depends on the belt speed and width. The Speed of the track is about 4m/s. The sorting accuracy is close to 98% and carryout rate(good: bad) is over 15:1. Voltage rating is 380Vac, another Rating Voltages are available as well.


Sortex Electric Sorting Machine has two different sorting modes: Normal Sorting and Reverse Sorting. Both Normal sorting mode and Reverse Sorting Mode are used to separate good products from the raw mixture. However, the Normal Sorting Mode is better for materials containing a large number of impurities. But the Reverse Mode is more suitable for the materials containing a small number of impurities.

If you want to deal with a large volume of impurities Sortex Electrical sorting solution provide you normal sorting mode. In another case, if you have a small amount of impurities you can opt the reverse sorting mode.

Both modes are applied with Sortex Electrical sorting machine.


Sortex Electric Sorting Machine has an exclusive suction system. The system can remove light and dust from raw materials, which will help prevent lens contamination.


Features of Sortex Electrical Sorting machine

  • Powerful software used to sort the products
  • Multi tasking and multi mode sorting machinery
  • High quality LED light help to detect faulty products



How does it work?


Raw materials are transported on the belt from one side to another side after leaking from the hopper. When the materials arrive at the end of the belt, they would be imaged by high-speed CCD cameras. Meanwhile, the sensors are analyzing the images and sending out a signal of acceptance or rejection. When CPU receives the signal from the sensors, it controls ejectors to open or close the nozzles. Where all the material that does not meet pre-set criteria is removed and the acceptable material will be sent to going out for packaging during this process.




Sortex Electric Sorting Machine consists of ten key components as well. It includes the hopper, Vibratory Feeder, transfer belt, CCD camera, Sensor, CPU Board, LED light, ejector, air compressor and air filter.


Material Hopper: it is made of Food Safe #304 Stainless Steel, all materials start to sorting here.


Vibratory Feeder: It remains the materials mixture flow to the belt evenly.


Transfer Belt: Transports the material to the specified location.


CCD Camera with High Revolution Sensor:

High Speed CCD Linear array Cameras take photos for the accelerated Materials. High Revolution sensor could quickly and exactly recognize the defects.


LED Light

LED light provides a very good fill light for imaged products and it is installed in front of the shooting area. In order to improve the images’ sharpness, sortex adds in a row of cold LED light, which is benefit for identification.


CPU Boards

All CPU Boards are developed and made by ourselves. It is able to control the ejector and decide when releasing the compressed air.



The ejector is a unique solenoid valve with 4.75mm nozzle. It is used to release the compressed air to change the rejected materials’ movement routes. The working frequency is above 1200hz per second, the fastest response time is within 0.6ms; the service life is 5-10 billion times.


Air Compressor and Filter

Air compressor allows to continuously provides compressed air. It is always required to work together with an air filter. And the air filter quickly filters out solid impurities in the compressed air, which helps to bring out rejected products. In order to increase the accuracy of the sorting, we adopt the original SMC air filter.


Sortex Electric Sorting Machines are approved by CE and CSA. It is a safe and stable color sorting machine. Meanwhile, Every Sortex optical sorting machine is required to do 100% performance testing before packing, which ensures all functions are good.


Sortex Group has been manufacturing Any kinds of Color Sorters Since 2001. And we can make and assembly 500 pieces of color sorters each month. Regularly, we can arrange the delivery in 10 days. What’s more, we would organize a professional engineer team to provide free on-site installation, operation training and 24 hours online troubleshooting.