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SG Chili Sorting Machine

SG Chili Sorting Machine can help quickly remove the impurities such as stem, yellow chili, discolored chili, and other problems from the original chili mixture.

  • Preset 20+ different sorting modes meet your various chili grades;
  • 3 different Sorting Capacity can match both Small and Large Processing;
  • Over 20+ Year Design and Manufacturing Experience creates a stable working Machine;
  • CE Approved
  • Affordable Price starts from 1 Unit.

SG Chili Color Sorters Suit all Your Sorting Requests.

SG currently has more than 3 different Chili Sorting Machines to meet your fresh and dehydrated chili sorting requests. No matter how large your production scale is, we have a matching chili sorting solution for you.

One Chute Chili Sorting Machine
One-Chute Chili Color Sorter Supports about 250kgs/h output.
Two Chutes Chili Sorting Machine
Two-Chute Chili Color Sorter sorts chili at about 500kgs/h.
Double-Layer Chili Sorting Machine
Four-Chute Chili Color Sorter sorts chili at about 1000kgs/h.
  • Why Sortex Was Trusted By 200+ Customers

    • Top 2 Manufacturer of Color Sorters in China On the 100,000 Square Meter Manufacturing Center and about 500 Staff. Sortex Group is able to provide complete Ranges of Color Sorting Machines includes Belt Type Color Sorters and Chute Type Color Sorters.
    • 20 Years R&D and Manufacturing Experience Sortex Group can develop and manufacture our own CPU boards independently. All Control Programs are designed and optimized by our R&D Team, So we can provide Customize Services as well.
    • CE and CSA Approved All Regular Sortex Color Sorters have been approved by Shanghai SGS Testing Lab According to CE and CSA Standards. Most Models have worked in 26+ countries for many years.

Chili Color Sorter

Dry Chili

SG Chili Color Sorter also called chili sorting machine, is able to automatically sort out the fine chili by Color, which makes chili processing more efficient and productive.

It is designed to remove yellow chili, moldy and discolored chili, and other impurities such as stems, dust from dehydrated chili mixture.

Besides, it may also be used to sort fresh chili, chili seed, and chili flakes.

SG Chili Color Sorter may obviously improve separating efficiency and greatly reduce the labor cost.

  • Remove 99.9% impurities such as colorful skins, green caps after one-time sorting;
  • Single Layer Chili Sorting Machine can separate 150Kgs of Dehydrated Chili/peppers at least;
  • Preset 20 different Sorting Solutions to meet many types of Chili;
  • Personnel without technical training can also operate SORTEK sorting machine easily;
  • Adopts 4096pixel CCD Image Sensor can detect 0.01mm2 impurities, which helps find all potential problems;
  • 200+ pieces of Machines from our customers have worked more 4 Years;

SG chili color sorter is a kind of belt color sorter and there are totally 3 different models for your selection: SB-600, SB1200, and SBD-1200.

Single-Layer Belt Color Sorter

Graphic: Belt-Type Chili Sorting Machine

The difference between these three models is the number of chutes. The more chutes it has, the bigger its output. SB600 is completely suitable for small business. The bigger sorting capacity may suit large processing plants.

Item No.SB600SB1200SBD1200
StructureSingle LayerSingle LayerDouble Layers
Takeover ratio(Bad: Good)20:0120:0120:01
Voltage (V/Hz)220V/50HZ220V/50HZ220V/50HZ
Power (kW)0.6-1.61.6-2.62.6-4.9
Weight (Kg)12502370
Size (mm)3168*1928*16803300*1950*2650

All SORTEK chili color sorters are easy to operate. First, they have a 10” big touch screen that is a visual operation interface.

Secondly, the system language can be changed according to local habits. So it is simple to find everything they want to adjust for a no-skill operator.

Meanwhile, Each SORTEK chili sorting machine provides 20 default sorting programs that can match all your possible chili samples.

Every sorting program is also adjustable depends on the impurity ratio. Besides, SORTEK will also have operation training which helps you well understand the machine.


How Does Chili Color Sorter Work?


SG Chili Sorting Machine separates your chili samples through optical sorting technology. This technology allows you to have a 99.99% sorting accuracy and 150~3000kgs chili sorting capacity.

Even though there are different types, but all they have the same working principle.

Sorting chili actually is a simple process, SORTEK Chili Sorting Equipment only includes two main processes:

  1. Identification Process

Every original chili will be imaged when it passes through the sorting room. Built-in CCD Sensors will read its color, size, and shape information in the photos.

By comparing this optical information with common chili, SORTEK identification equipment would mark each target chili a bad tag or good tag.

All these tags are actually electric signals and will be transferred to the Rejection system.


  1. Rejection Process     

Rejection Process is one of the most important parts of the chili sorting process. After receiving the signals, the Rejection System will start the rejection process.

When receiving a bad signal, the ejector will open its spout and release the powerful air to change target chili’s movement track.

And that Chili will finally enter another collecting basket.


Main Accessories


Vibrator: Chili Sorting Process starts here. This structure ensures that the chilies can enter the conveying belt one after the other.

Belt/ Transfer Belt:  The belt can make sure all chilies get the same speed when they leave off the belt. Chilies enter sorting room at a uniform speed, which helps to track and lock each chili’s location.

Light Source: Stable LED light Source to provide constant brightness for the picture acquisition process, which is the benefit for images reading.

Camera: A 5700 high-pixel camera captures more details of chilies color differences. SG Sorting machine installs two sets of high-pixel cameras from both sides, which allow for seamless monitoring at 360 degrees.

Ejector: SORTEK adopts 12000+Hz High-frequency electromagnetic ejectors, which helps face the fast chili samples and change their movement route.

CPU Board: As the brain of the entire chilies sorting process, the CPU Board rigorously calculates and issues commands that are culled or retained, driving the entire sorting process.

SG is a leading manufacturer of color sorter in China. We aim to provide affordable sorting machines for agriculture products and other food with a small size.

Our business is started at 1 unit. Meanwhile, we accept free sample testing. Click Here and Send us the chili sample right now, we will send you a free testing video in 2 days.

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