SG3 CCD Color Sorter

Sorting RangesSolid Pellets that sizes range 0.1mm to 100mm
Accuracy(%)≥ 99.9
CarryOver Rate(Good: Bad)≥ 10 : 1
Working Voltage(Vac)110 – 380
Rating Power(KW)0.5~0.8
Air Consumption(L/min)< 2400
Dimension(mm) (L*W*H)1554x1707x1827.9

SG CCD Color Sorter

SG CCD Color Sorter is a smart optical sorting machine with three chutes. In agriculture, SG CCD Color Sorter helps farms and large food processing companies sort and grade to the small-sized corps such as the rice, grains, tea leaves, and others.

SG CCD Color Sorter is 100 times sorting speed than human sorting. The sorting ability will vary because of materials difference. The sorting capability is about 1.5 to 9ton per hour depends on the types of materials.

Besides the agriculture products, it may also work to some industrial products such as plastic, ora, and others. Contact us right now for a quick sorting solution.

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CCD Color Sorter

SG CCD Color Sorter is an electric optical sorting machine with three chutes. It is designed initially to classify or grade small-sized crops.

In Agriculture, Farms and significant food processing companies always use this machine to separate the right products from the mix. It also used for several industrial products sorting such as plastic, ore, etc. Check natural sorting objects below.

This machine can improve the quality of grains and save 90% labor cost.


SG CCD Color Sorter has three times sorting ability comparing to the mini color sorter because it has three chutes. Each chute will connect to an individual sorting unit.

SG CCD Color Sorter can pick out about 1.5 to 9ton of grains per hour due to different types of materials. 99.9% sorting accuracy means the machine remove almost impurities at one time sorting. The carryover rate(good: bad) exceeds 10:1, and the data is also at the top class.

SG CCD Color Sorter work to almost agriculture products, please check the details from the tablet below.

CCD Color Sorter VS Mini Color Sorter

Graphic: CCD Color Sorter VS Mini Color Sorter


SG CCD color sorter is a single layer machine with three chutes, and each chute connects to the individual sorting unit. Each Sorting Unit has more than ten different components.

LED Light
Air Compressor

Every sorting unit can work independently, and this modular design dramatically extends the life of the equipment.

sorting unit

Graphic: What is a sorting unit in Color Sorter?


1. Full-Color Sorting Technology is more effective for light beige, speckled, or darkened rice sorting. Under this mode, the signal separation of belly-white and shallow yellow would be accomplished, selecting the yellow without any white, as is a pioneering technology in the industry.

2. User-friendly operating interface. Supports “one-button” start and Setting remember function.

3. Image Acquisition System equips top class 5088 full-color high-speed line-scan imaging sensor CCD,and high revolution industrial lens, which can precisely identify subtle spots of 0.01mm2.

4. Innovative LED shadowless cold light design can efficiently detect the small spots, light yellow, belly-white, core-white, black pinpoints, which makes identification more accurate.

5. Image processing system uses the same color reading technology as the pin color printer; It only takes to read color information in 0.01ms, which lays the foundation for the rejection process.

6. Cloud Link Technology supports remote control and online software updating.

Working Principle

Two simple processes can easily explain the CCD color sorter’s working principle: Identification Process and Rejection Process.

Identification Process
Two rows of high-speed cameras installed in the sorting area take photos of each moving object from the front and back of the material. The full-color CCD sensor can identify the minimum 0.01mm2 color information on the surface of the material;

identification process

Graphic: Identification process – Working Principle

then convert the acceptable and rejected optical information into different electrical signals through the signal converter to the Rejection Process.

Rejection Process
Two core components in this process take an essential role. The CPU will read the electric singles and decide whether to send out rejection order.

Then the valves will open their spouts to release the compressed air. The Air would change the rejected material’s moving route and make it fly to another collection basket.

Rejection process

Graphic: Rejection Process – Working Principle


SG will provide free installation service for any customers, no matter a private farm, or large processing factory. SG also provides a 2-year warranty for every customer.

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