SG FAQs Page will solve all problems with the color sorters. All these questions are original from our real customers, we collect them and give an exact answer. If you are going to buy a color sorter, this guide will help you.

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Optical Sorting: The Definitive Guide In 2020

Just like in any industry that will last, there is an ever-changing drive for optical sorting operators to find more innovative and efficient ways with regards to the separation of the different materials they receive at their facilities daily. 

In light of that, new technologies have evolved to improve the processing and sorting of recyclables. […]

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Color Sorter: The Ultimate Buying Guide for Importers

This guide is handy to anyone who would wish to import a Color Sorter.

It is also an informational guide since it gives details on the usage of the color sorter and places you can find them in the market. The different types, installation process and how you can care for one. We will enlighten […]

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