Belt vs. Chute Type Color Sorters


Color sorters are machines that make sorting very efficient and effective. We sell two main categories of color sorters:

Chute-type color sorters
Belt-type color sorters

In this article, I will explain the usages of each type and the differences between them. Let me summarize the full set of components in a sorter:

Input hopper
Vibratory […]

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CCD Cameras vs. NIR Cameras


Camera technology has been advancing steadily over the last century. These tools “see” faster and better than the human eye.

The sorting industry utilizes video cameras to identify and categorize material at high speed. This is a form of optical sorting.

Today I will be writing about commonly used sorter cameras. These are:

Charged-coupled Device (CCD) […]

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Color Sorter Machine: Uses and Applications

Industries that aim to deliver premium-quality products use Color sorting machines. Color sorting machines have been around for decades. Now, with the advancement in technology, they now offer better sorting techniques. The agricultural industry uses color sorters for sorting grains based on color differences.
What is a Color Sorter Used for?
A  Color Sorter machine uses […]

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