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Sortex Belt Color Sorters Are Able to Sort and Grade Any Kinds of Materials with a Small Diameter.
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Belt Color Sorter

  • Sortex Belt Color Sorter separate the faulty and broken things from Raw materials and Grade the rest good things;
  • Advance Sorting Solutions for Light, Irregular, Fragile Materials;
  • Combination of various sorting technologies to meet safety requirements
  • Free On-site Installation and Commissioning
  • Modular and upgradeable
  • High-resolution camera and laser technology
  • High Quality with Competitive Price
  • CE and CSA Approved
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All Sortex Belt Color Sorters

Sortex Belt Color Sorter, also called Track Color Sorter, is a high-precision intelligent screening machine with horizontal transfer belt.

It is designed to sort and grade different corps and industrial products with a small diameter.

Especially it is an ideal sorting solution for light, irregular, fragile materials.

It is widely used to Agriculture, Food Processing field, Mining, vegetables, Plastic Recycle Fields and many more.

Sortex Belt Color Sorter is equipped with a high-resolution camera, an advanced color detector which diagnoses color difference with accuracy.

Belt color sorter also helps to separate the impurities from the raw material by high tech solution.

The color separator is used to choose a specific color, with single track color separator or double track color separator.  

Sortex Belt Color Sorter sorts helps to classify materials by collecting, analyzing, and identifying material color, size, and shape differences.

Belt color sorter consists of some core components include an operating system, image acquisition system, image analysis system, screening system and etc.  

Sortex Belt Color Sorter can be customized according to client requests.

You can ask for a single layer belt color sorter for a wide transfer Belt, Also you can customize a double layer belt Color Sorter.

Double Layer Structure can perform coarse screening and fine screening of materials at the same time.

And it can achieve multiple levels of products through one screening process.

All Sortex Belt Color have been approved by CE and CSA.

Meanwhile, we provide 2 years warranty and lifetime accessories Supports. Features of Belt color sorter

  1. Advance processing technique provides highly efficient sorting.
  2. Smart LED cold light help to identify the products precisely without shadow.
  3. High-speed CCD image sensor to identify the fine or bad material.
  4. Reasonable cost, linear flow, and strong sucking ability.
  • Why Sortex Was Trusted By 200+ Customers

    • Top 2 Manufacturer of Color Sorters in China On the 100,000 Square Meter Manufacturing Center and about 500 Staff. Sortex Group is able to provide complete Ranges of Color Sorting Machines includes Belt Type Color Sorters and Chute Type Color Sorters.
    • 20 Years R&D and Manufacturing Experience Sortex Group can develop and manufacture our own CPU boards independently. All Control Programs are designed and optimized by our R&D Team, So we can provide Customize Services as well.
    • CE and CSA Approved All Regular Sortex Color Sorters have been approved by Shanghai SGS Testing Lab According to CE and CSA Standards. Most Models have worked in 26+ countries for many years.

Belt Color Sorter

Sortex Belt Color Sorter is advance color sorting machine with horizontal transfer belt.

The belt is used to transport objects to be screened to the image acquisition area.

Sortex Belt Color Sorter is an ideal sorting solution for light, irregular, fragile materials and it is widely applied to Nuts, Cashew, Almond, Pistachio, Sunflower Seeds, Watermelon Seed, Raisin, Lyceum Chinese, Jujube, Cotton Seed, Chili, Shrimp Skin, Ore, Coal, Salt, Sugar, Glass, Plastic, Pearl, Pill, Gum, Industrial products etc.

Sortex Belt Color Sorter help to protect the operator from danger, the auto-notification system stops the machinery to avoid great loss.

The specialty of sortex belt sorter is solenoid valves with high frequency.    

Sortex Belt Color Sorter support approximate capacity from 1.2 to 1.8 ton but totally depends on the nature of the material.

Sorting precision is beyond the expectation of approximately 99.9%.

Carryout rate of Sortex Belt Color Sorter is over 15:1 (good: bad).

Voltage rating for Europe markets is 220Vac and for America, markets are 240Vac.

Other rated voltage of color sorters can be made as well according to market requirements.

Normally belt color sorter configured for use at the voltage 120Vac to 415Vac.  

Features of Sortex Belt Color Sorter

High Definition CCD Camera– Collecting high range of material Red, green blue color detection with high resolution.

High definition sensor– Sensor uses DSP+FPGA, linear screening technology to differentiate in different colors.

Ejector assembly– Helps to improve accuracy level, defective products rejection efficiency

Waterproof grading efficiency– a structure made from the stainless steel material help to manage with humidity.  

Sortex Belt Color Sorter have two opposite sorting modes: Normal Sorting and Invert Sorting.

Normal sorting mode– used to separate good nuts from the raw mixture.

Invert sorting mode– used to pick out the bad nuts from the original mixture. Both sorting modes can be used at the same belt color sorter.  


  1. Damage Rate is Low

During the process of transporting the tracked product to the sorting area, the product remains relatively stationary between the track and the track, thereby reducing collisions between the products and reducing breakage.  

  1. Lightweight product screening

The crawler has a wide range of applications. Most unique advantages are lightweight product screening to sort light things.

  1. The selection rate is high.

The belt conveys the material smoothly and steadily. The material is not embossed for color recognition while reducing the takeout rate.

  1. Irregular products screening

Sortex Belt Color Sorter help to sort products with large volumes as well as irregular shapes products, However, the chute color sorter is designed according to the shape and size of the product, so the range of screening is relatively narrow.    

How does it work?

According to the different color selection of materials, detecting the colors of the granular materials that pass before them, and using mechanical or pneumatic ejection devices to divert the material whose colors do not fall within the acceptable range.

According to the color combination of material, collecting, analyzing, identifying and separating from raw material is the workflow of Sortex Belt Color Sorter.

Raw materials are transported on the belt from one side to another side after leaking from the hopper.

When the materials arrive at the end of the belt, they would be imaged by high-speed CCD cameras.

Meanwhile, the sensors are analyzing the images and sending out a signal of acceptance or rejection.

When CPU receives the signal from the sensors, it controls ejectors to open or close the nozzles.

Where all the material that does not meet pre-set criteria is removed and the acceptable material will be sent to going out for packaging during this process.    


Sortex Belt Color Sorter has both two layers of structure and single layer structure.

Single layer structure-diagnose defective particles with high-resolution CCD digital camera.

High-speed mini ejector help to improve sorting activities with reliable network transmission.

The two layers structure- Allows double sorting programs to be performed at the same time.

CCD sensor used for color sorting, material sorting, and shape sorting.

In the actual application process, the upper layer can roughly filter the materials, while the lower layer selects or classifies the materials.    

The Sortex Belt Type color sorter has an external operation interface.

This device can be easily controlled through this operating platform. Includes start, close, color process selection, and more.  

The Sortex Belt Color Sorter requires a separate support platform and lift machine during installation.

The support platform lifts the machine to a certain height, which makes it easy to collect materials.

Lifting the machine will transport the material that needs to be recycled through the corresponding feed port.  

Sortex designs color sorters according to the nature of materials and requirement of the market.

For example, ore color sorting machine, pepper color sorting machine, corn color sorting machine and so on.

Even though most of them have a little difference in structure, but they also have some common features.  

Sortex Belt Color Sorter consists of ten key components as well.

It includes a hopper, Vibratory Feeder, transfer belt, CCD camera, LED light, ejector and air compressor.  

Material Hopper Sortex Belt Color Sorter’s material hopper is made of #304 stainless Steel that is food grade materials.

#304 stainless steel can touch the food directly according to CE and CA65 standards.

Sortex provides material hopper with a fast, clean and simple structure with easily removable polycarbonate hopper.  

Vibratory Feeder Vibratory Feeder on the Sortex Belt Color Sorter is usually used to ensure the sorted grain evenly arrive the chutes without any overlap.

Sortex unique vibratory feeder has a big characteristic that vibration is even and frequency is stable, which could make sure all raw material drops from feeder evenly and form a layer of waterfall flow.  

Transfer Belt The track is made of PVC that meets food safety requirements.

Its main function is to transfer the material level to the candidate area.

In this process, it is necessary to ensure that there is no mutual collision between the materials and damage.

Also ensure that the material speed is constant, which is good for camera capture.

As a result, the surface of the conveyor belt is designed to be textured, which ensures that the material moves with the conveyor belt and that there is no collision between the materials.

The width of the conveyor belt and the quick freezing of the conveyor are specific, which also helps the camera to capture the material.    

CCD Camera

with High Revolution Sensor High-Speed CCD Linear array Cameras take photos for the accelerated grains and the recognition accuracy up to 0.08mm.

High-Resolution sensor could quickly and exactly recognize the 0.01mm2 defects.  

LED Light

The LED light provides a very good fill light for imaged products and it is installed in front of the shooting area. In order to improve the images’ sharpness, sortex adds in a row of cold LED light, which is a benefit for identification.  


The ejector is a solenoid valve for color sorters.

It is made of a high strength alloy material.

It has strong suction, no residual magnetism, and outputs linear airflow to the outside.

It is able to accurately strike rejected materials and significantly reduce the take-up ratio.

The working frequency is above 1200hz per second, the fastest response time is within 0.6ms;

the service life is 5-10 billion times.  

After receiving the digit signals from CPU, the ejectors respond quickly and release the compressed air.

The air would change the rejected or accepted products’ movement routes, which separates the bad or good grain from the raw materials.

Sortex selects a powerful and precise nozzle with 4.75MM port size.  

Air Compressor and Filter

Air compressor allows to continuously provides compressed air.

It is always required to work together with an air filter.

And the air filter quickly filters out solid impurities in the compressed air, which helps to bring out rejected products.

In order to increase the accuracy of the sorting, we adopt the original SMC air filter.    

Sortex Belt Color Sorters are approved by CE.

It is a safe and stable color sorting machine.

Sortex has a 20-year manufacturing experience of the color sorter, and we can manufacture 500 pieces of grain color sorter each month.

Regularly, we can arrange the delivery in 10 days.

Every Sortex Belt Color Sorter is required to do 100% performance testing before packing, which ensures all functions are good.

Meanwhile, we would organize a professional engineer team to provide free on-site installation, operation training and 24 hours online troubleshooting.  

Installation & Customization:

  1. Our team is responsible for on Site Installation and our professional engineer provides proper training.
  2. Come and spend time in our factory to understand the belt color sorter mechanism of working.
  3. Contact us any time via Telephone, Email, Video call and get a technical solution of your problems.

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