SG8 Automatic Sorting Machine

Sorting RangesRice, Bean, Grains, Plastic, Salt
Accuracy(%)≥ 99.9
CarryOver Rate(Good: Bad)≥ 10 : 1
Working Voltage(Vac)110 – 380
Rating Power(KW)0.5~0.8
Air Consumption(L/min)< 6400
Dimension(mm) (L*W*H)3129×1709.9×1827.9

Your Large Automatic Sorting Machine

SG Automatic Sorting Machine is a kind of high tech sorting equipment for a large food processing company. It totally has eight sorting chutes. It is designed to separate the fine particles from raw material. The signal processing algorithm and camera helps to identify smaller particles precisely.

SS Automatic Sorting Machine is widely used to classify and grade all granular particles accurately such as rice, tea, peanut, sunflower seeds, walnut, cashew, nuts, and olives. It has automatic ejectors which are helpful to remove color defects, frozen defects and shape defects.

SG Automatic Sorting Machine is a secure and stable sorting operation with high-speed communication. The LED light provides enough light to classify and sort grains. The best thing you will find in color sorters is the removal of toxin effect from your grains. SG Automatic Sorting Machine is a very efficient kind of sorting machine at a very reasonable price.

Why SG Automatic Sorting Machine

SG developed the first Chute-Type Automatic Sorting Machine in China. It not only improves sorting efficiency but also significantly reduces labor costs.

  • Top 2 Automatic Sorting Machine Manufacturer in China;
  • 20-Year R&D and Manufacturing Experience
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Complete After Sales Services
  • Affordable Price starts at ONE unit.

Automatic Sorting Machine


SG automatic sorting machine is designed to quickly separate the fine materials from a raw mixture. This machine is a kind of chute-Type Color Sorter and it totally has 8 chutes, which is an ideal separator for large scale processing plants.

SG Automatic sorting machine is able to sort out the fine products through their color difference, which helps to classify and grade all granular particles accurately. In practical use, it can be used for rice, tea, peanut, seeds, walnut, cashew, nuts, beans, olives and etc.

CategorySorting objects
RiceRaw, Steamed, Boiled & Parboiled Rice & Many
Beansblack beans, red beans, white beans, cowpeas, pellet, sesame, soybeans & Many
CoffeeArabica, Conilon and Roasted Coffee & Many
Cornwhite corn, hominy, corn flakes, Gritz and cherry & Many
GrainsPaddy, Maize, oats, rye, barley, chia, peas, chickpeas, lentils, flaxseed, lupine, popcorn, mustard, quinoa, millet, pepper, musk rose and wheat & Many
nuts and dry fruitsBroken / Whole almonds, Resins, Walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, Brazil nuts, macadamia, pecan nuts, nuts, pine nuts, and pistachios & Many
recycledPET, PVC, pp, pe, pa, PMMA, engineering plastic, polymer, and glass & Many
seedsPoppy, Pumpkin, Watermelon, Mustard, Tamarind, Coriander, safflower, rapeseed, sesame, sunflower, Jatoba, linseed, castor bean, grazing seeds, and soybean seeds & Many
SpicesCardamom, Dehydrated Garlic/ Onion, Coriander, Fenugreek (Methi), Mustard, fenugreek, spring onion, cumin, Calabrese flakes, nutmeg flakes, tomato flakes, fennel, pepper, basil, oregano, parsley, and anise seeds & Many
sweetscandies, biscuits, chocolates or chocolate mix and sweets  & Many
Teaorthodox green tea, black tea, White tea and CTC & Many
MineralsOre,Powder,Stone,Quartz,Diamond,Salt  & Many

It is easy to operate this automatic sorting machine even though it is a complex sorting system:

  1. Preset 20+ sorting programs to match all your possible materials sample;
  2. It has an AI learning feature, which can automatically technology parameter by one-time sorting testing;
  3. 10-inch user-friendly interface design simplifies the operation flow;

Only in Five Minutes, an inexperienced worker can obtain all the points of handling the machine.

SG Automatic Sorting Machine is ideal for Grains Sorting.

SG Automatic sorting machine can meet almost grains sorting in agriculture use. It is not only used to remove defects and dust but also save lots of human labor:

  1. It can detect 0.04mm2 color difference. That is to say, it can find lesions or impurities that are smaller than the needle tip of the embroidery.
  2. It regular sorts 8000Kgs of Rice in an hour. Comparing to traditional human sorting, it may sort 10 days. In the South-East Area, almost rice milling factories have sourced this kind of rice sorting machine.
  3. It picks out 99.9% fine rice at one-time sorting.


SG Automatic Sorting Machine also Performs Great in industrial sorting.

Plastic Recycling is a big industry, SG automatic sorting machine can help them quickly classify the different color plastic flakes. It is also used in the food processing industry. For example, Nuts processing, it can help to remove the shell, defects, sands and other impurities.

How does SG Automatic Sorting Machine work?

SG Automatic Sorting Machine actually works through identifying materials’ optical information. So it is sometimes also called optical sorter.

Color Sorter Working Principle

Graphic: Automatic Sorting Machine Working Principle

First, all material waiting to be sorted is imaged by the high-resolution cameras with its reflected light information.

Every optical sorter equips with some 5700 Pixel Industrial CCD cameras. The Cameras are divided into two rows and are mounted in a face-to-face way in the sorting bin. This design ensures 360-degree seamless monitoring of all sorted materials.

Second, CCD Sensor reads the material’s Color information in the photos and translate this information to be an electronic signal.

Actually, the CCD Sensors can feel optical difference by dark and light difference, RGB color difference. Broken rice and complete rice will display two different optical range. Yellowed rice and Regular rice have a different reflected color.

Then CPU will analyze these electronic signals and compare to with default setting data. And send out commands: Pass or Fail.  Once it is a fail command, the ejector will release the compressed air and change the route of rice. Finally, bad rice and fine rice will be separately collected by two different baskets.

Key Accessory Option:

1 Toshiba Full Color Camera CCD with 6000 pixels;

2 Phoenix customized industrial LENS help improve over 30% revolution;

3 PRECISE SOLENOID EJECTOR, Quickly response in 0.1ms;

4 NEC Touch screen display

5 SMC Air filters

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