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SG is a leading manufacturer in China, has 15 years of professional experience to grow your business by Chute-type color sorter or Belt-type optical sorter. We deliver efficient sorting solutions with a vast vision of our experts in grains, beans, dry fruits, coffee, and different granular particles, etc. SG already provides professional services in 26 countries and our company never compromises on quality and safety standards.

Our aim is to help the people with honesty, improving food safety standards, by clean sorting system. Contact us to get a quote instantly and find the most reliable Color Sorter manufacturer right now.

Your Best Color & Shape Sorting Solutions

SG Holds the Core Technologies of Color Sorter

99.9% Sorting Accuracy

A precise screening process with mature technology helps to remove impurities intelligently and achieve 99.9% quality assurance.

Wide Sorting Range

High precision with CCD technology helps to sort small-sized crops as well as fragile materials. Multi-direction observation and double recognition color feature help to sort more efficiently.

Shape Sorting + Color Sorting

High-quality accessories used to sort and classify the materials according to color, size, and shape.

Image Correction Technology

Automatically repair the deformed images to improve the sorting accuracy. Multi-angle DR imaging technology inspects and classifies the particles without a blind spot.

Imported Top-Class Accessories

CCD linear array lens Toshiba high definition Camera, Phoenix industrial LENS, SMC filters.

Pre-installed 100+ Sorting Mode

More than 100+ sample sorting modes already installed during the production and can be continually updated.

SG Provides 7X24 Free After-Sales Services

  • Free On-site Assembly SG color sorter manufacturer will organize once free On-site assembly and training orientation for every customer. For Agents, we also organize free refresher technology training in China.
  • Free Operation Training SG professional engineers assist you to operate the machines and provide training sessions until you understand the operation.
  • Free Online Trouble Shooting SG provides online troubleshooting plans and offers relative accessories. The additional property SG offer is online monitoring of the sorting process.

Why SG Was Trusted By 100+ Clients

  • Top 2 Manufacturer in China As lots of companies are working in the world but SG color sorter manufacturer set industry screening criteria. We set up a top-level R&D team to analyze, installing, customizing, and upgrading the sorting machinery.
  • 15 + Years R&D and Manufacturing Experience SG enterprise has complete production lines and a clear business vision for past 15 years. Now we are able to provide quality equipment according to the requirement of the customers.
  • CE & CSA Approved All the SG equipment have been approved by CE and CSA, we served 100+ clients in 26 states worldwide. We provide intelligence oriented color sorting process which controls by big data technology.

Listen to What Our Clients Say About Our Color Sorters


Are you a manufacturer and trading company?
We’re the largest Color sorter manufacturer in China. All the core processes are made in our own factory. Meanwhile, we have an independent R&D team, which ensures we can provide customized color sorters according to customers’ request.
Are you working with a single buyer?
Sure. We are not only working with single buyers such as farmers but also work with agents. Once you get an exclusive agency, we would transfer the local business. Meanwhile, related services for previous clients should respect their decision.
How about your delivery time and shipment services?
Generally, the SG Color Sorter manufacturer could provide 10 days delivery time for regular models. If you have any special request, we can discuss. In FOB terms, we can assist you to book the ship and look for a reliable forwarder if required. In other terms, we will provide you with some more quotes for reference.
How about Quality and Warranty?
This is a big question; let me say in a short:
1) Factory Passed ISO2000 quality Audit, check here to find the Certificate
2) We have our own QC team and have a complete workflow. Especially, before the packing, QC will debug the machine to make sure it works.
3) On-site engineers will help to assemble and debug the machine again when the machines arrive at your side.
4) SG Color sorter manufacturer can provide a lifetime warranty to its customers.
Can I apply for an agent for our local markets?
Sure, if there is no agent available in your city. Maybe some cities have already more than one agent so keep in your mind one city requires one official agent. If you successfully become our agent, we would provide more services include free technologies training in China, More discount, and flexible payment methods, etc.

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